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To the parents and carers of children and young people with SEND in Hull:

Thank you for all the feedback you have given us over the last year, particularly where things haven’t always gone right for you and your families. We have listened and heard what you told us and used this to inform our priorities in the SEND Joint Commissioning Strategy.

The next steps are to create an improvement plan to deliver those priorities –work out what we actually need to do to make the improvement a reality, who needs to do what and in what order – in simple terms, a ‘To Do’ list and we would like to ask for your involvement with this.

Each week we will concentrate on one of the priority areas in the strategy and we will ask you to help us by sharing your thoughts on how improvements can be made:

· What works well and needs to keep happening or happen more

· What isn’t happening and it would be good if it started to happen

· What doesn’t work well and need to think about stopping doing or doing differently.

We will break down the priority areas into sections and ask the questions above for each one.

Involvement can be through written feedback as well as joining one of two focus groups that will be held on the Monday of each week at 10:00-12:00 and 19:00-21:00.

The focus groups will be structured to consider each section in turn and allow time for discussion.

Your feedback will be put together with the feedback of everyone else involved (e.g. young people, practitioners, professionals) and used to prepare a draft of the delivery plan which we will share back with you in due course.

Involvement is, of course, completely optional but understanding the lived experience of our families is really valuable and I would like to say thank you in advance for everyone who chooses to contribute.

Week 1 (18 January 2021) – Structures and Processes

Week 2 (25 January 2021) – Early Identification

Week 3 (1 February 2021) – Improving Outcomes

Week 4 (8 February 2021) – Information and Guidance

***Half Term – 15 February 2021***

Week 5 (22 February 2021) – Transition

Week 6 (1 March 2021) – Value for Money

Format of the Focus Groups

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